Melanie Conran

Creative Communications Ninja with Team-Building Superpowers Lansing, MI

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I'm passionate about functional, attractive and ultimately powerful visual communications in a variety of media, both print/static and digital/interactive/motion. I also believe strongly in being aware of ones limitations while working and pushing hard on a daily basis to surpass them.

I stumbled into this career and passion while on the path to being an educator and find that the two compliment each other well. I feel enormous joy, energy and satisfaction in working creatively, doing what I do, and welcome opportunities to explain my work, learn from and work with others.

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“Melanie Conran is an extremely talented designer and an outstanding member of our team. Melanie's impressive creative leadership, coupled with her passion to deliver superb work and high level of technical skill have taken our company's creative output to an unprecedented level of quality...Melanie is also a strong manager and she has successfully directed, mentored and trained other design staff. Overall, Melanie's work has been superlative, and I'd hire her again without any hesitation whatsoever.”

  • Heather Harrold, Consumer Marketing Manager, Air Lift Company

“Melanie Conran is the full package, and I recommend her without reservation. She is professional, timely and conscientious, and the quality of her work is unassailable. She's a wonderfully talented designer, possessing the ability to efficiently execute a well-thought-out directive or develop a diverse palette of quality options in response to open-ended concepts that, at first, lack definition or direction. Nine thumbs up!”
-Jeremy Nagel, Media Relations Specialist, Michigan Farm Bureau

“I unreservedly recommend [Melanie] for any job, as she is a rare individual who adds value to any project she's involved with, not only from fundamental business practices, but from a dedicated professionalism that sees the job done above the client's expectations. I am available to be contacted for detailed information concerning Ms. Conran's work and can/will use her again.”

  • Neil Melancon, General Manager, LFB Radio Network at La. Farm Bureau Federation