Cover and poster illustration (illustration)

Limited edition comic teaser (illustration, comic design and layout)

Novel cover (illustration, design and layout)

Novel inside pages (illustrations, design and layout)

Photo of printed novel and comic

Author branding/logo design and business card design


Temporary tattoos, banners, posters, logos, mini teaser comics and a novel – all of these things required creation from the ground up for the release of this new horror novel from author Suzanne Reather. From concepting, to illustration, to design, layout and prepress, author and publishing house logos, I was thrilled to be able to do it all with an astonishing amount of creative control and support from both author and publisher.

This book was officially released at Dragon*Con 2011 where I was invited to attend and sign copies of the teaser comic that were being handed out for free. I even dressed up as one of the characters from the novel. What a fantastic project. I can’t wait for the next one!


Sticks & Stones Publishing


Illustration, Publication Layout & Design, Logo Design, Branding