Air Lift Performance

AutoPilot V2 Packaging - outer view (Illustrator)

AutoPilot V2 Packaging - interior view (Illustrator)

Product display/packaging (Illustrator, Photoshop)

Banner ad (Photoshop)

Photo of the company Mustang at Gingerman Raceway (Photography, Camera RAW, Photoshop)

Photo taken at the 2012 Motorstate Challenge (Photography, Camera RAW, Photoshop)

Trailer wrap final approved design (Illustrator)

Trailer wrap concept (Illustrator)

Photograph of the driver side of the completed trailer wrap

Photograph of me next to the completed trailer wrap


I especially delight in design work for Air Lift Company’s Performance division. From designing packaging, banner ads, posters/banners, to shooting and editing photos and filming and editing educational and marketing videos – I have the opportunity to work on a broad range of fun projects!

While I’ve no professional training or professional experience as a videographer/editor (previous to this year anyway), in their time of need, I was happy to take on the challenge and I’m having a blast learning (thank you!) as I go. While out gathering footage at the track, I was even treated to a couple of very fast (1.3 gees at one point!) laps around Gingerman Raceway in the company’s customized Mustang! How’s that for job perks? Video editing examples are viewable at the YouTube channel linked below.

Frequently on tight deadlines and challenging budgets with a skeleton crew, work with this division is spontaneous, technologically interesting and energizing. I am also frequently granted a generous amount of creative freedom with these projects which is always a bonus and keeps me eager for more.


Air Lift Company – Performance Division


Packaging/Display Design, Ad Design, Branding, Videography and Editing, Photography and Editing