Michigan Mosaic Energy Cooperative

Main logo / brand (Illustrator, Photoshop)

Small logo with text (Illustrator)

Small logo standalone (Illustrator)


The client in this case was interested in something that spoke to the “mosaic” component of the cooperative, something that evoked Michigan, the sun and moon, as well as collection and collaboration of many, different elements into one cohesive whole.

We went back and forth a few times and the client even took the initiative to jump into Photoshop for a little while to play around with one of the drafts before we settled on the final variations of the logo.

We chose to have a small version of the logo (in addition to the full version showing the entire state of Michigan) to allow the brand a little more flexibility.

Adobe Illustrator was used to create the initial shapes and color palette. Photoshop was used by the client to for refinements.


Graphic Designer, Creative Director


Marshall Clabeaux


October 2018


Illustration, Graphic Design, Logo Design