Lansing Eastside Gateway

Main logo (Illustrator)

Main logo alternates (Illustrator)

Installed vinyl cut sticker


This logo won a contest for this fascinating little gift shop that’s popped up on Lansing’s east side. It’s a tight community of vendors selling all kinds of hand made and unique gifts and useful things out of what used to be an old automotive shop on Kalamazoo.

The logo was meant to be welcoming and flexible (for fabricated metal signage, vinyl cut stickers, printed items, online graphics and suchlike) as well as evocative of the creativity and future-mindedness of the vendors and customers.

It was exciting to be chosen by dozens of judges out of all the other submissions. The prize, a vendor credit, I hope to be able to use just as soon as I figure out what unique little thing that I make would be sales worthy :)


Graphic Designer, Creative Director


Yvonne LaFave


December 2018


Illustration, Logo Design