Sunrise - Solar Bike Trailers

Main logo (Illustrator)

Main logo alternate (Illustrator)

Business cards (Illustrator, InDesign)


Sunrise, LLC is a start-up solar bike trailer manufacturing company. It’s a bike trailer, with solar panels, batteries and an electric motor, to help us speed our transition away from fossil fuels and towards something more usable and renewable. Trailers that can help bicyclists carry more things, people even, and help propel their own weight as well as providing electricity for an e-bike, electronic devices, etc.

So all that needed to be pulled into a logo and business card design while this start-up gets going. We want to harken back to the resiliency and sustainable thinking of the past while looking forward to a brighter, less polluted, more logical and sustainable future. Here’s hoping!


Graphic Designer, Creative Director


Sunrise, LLC


June 2018


Illustration, Logo Design, Branding, Business Card Design